Guys: red flags for cheating women?

My guy friend has a problem with girls that cheat (every single one has cheated on him). I think I see a few red flags with his new girlfriend already:

1.) she asked him to be her boyfriend

2.) she said she loved him three days into their relationship

3.) she asked him to be her "fake Facebook boyfriend because a guy was bothering her."

4.) she lives 2+ hours away from him.

First, do you agree these are red flags for a cheating girl?

What are some other red flags he should look for?


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  • 1. is not a sign. For once a girl took initiative and didn't follow the stupid "Guy has to approach me because I'm so special" mentality.

    2. is a sign that she is a victim of infatuation. This usually causes the relationship to fall apart quickly.

    3. is seriously something to worry about with cheating.

    4. is only a sign that she is looking for something on the side rather than something serious.

    • It's not a sign of a cheater for her to do this at 12:00 am on a Friday night knowing the guy was interested in someone else the day she asked him to be her fake boyfriend then saying oh but will you be my real boyfriend? I know you like this other girl but telling him she's just playing you when she wasn't and she doesn't even know me?

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  • Your friend is not alone. Women cheat often; in fact, they cheat just as much as men. The problem is women are very good a covering their tracks. So, it's difficult for men to catch such skilled cheaters.

  • What does a girl asking a guy to be her boyfriend have anything to do with cheating? And saying I love you early? is it because she falls in love so easily? and takes charge?

    • No. Because he was also seeing me at the time and she knew that and wanted to steal him from me.

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    • He said yes because he wasn't sure of my feelings, even though I had very clearly said I really like you too

  • #4 is something out of her control, but it is conducive to cheating.

    #2 may be suspicious.

    #3 is definitely suspicious.

    Besides, if she lives 2 hours away, I highly doubt a relationship is possible.

    • Well apparently it is because it's been almost a month they have made it so far, it will be a month a week from Monday.

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    • well. in this case when someone is being that stubborn, the only thing you can do is let him make his own mistakes, learn from them and use the pain as motivation to not make the same mistakes again. its out of your hands. its all up to him now.

    • I guess so :/

  • Those are not red flags.

    It would only be a red flag if that girl starts seeing other guys.


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