Rebound Relationships

The worst thing about a breakup is when someone gets in a relationship so quickly after you have broken up. My ex rebounded for a 2 year relationship just one week after we broke up. After we broke up we met up to talk and when I asked whether it was because she wants to date new guys she lied to my face. I said it would be the best thing for me to move on if you tell me the truth. We broke up 7 months ago and she is still with this guy she met teaching at her school. I believe they live together and going on holiday together in August.

That aside she's free to do whatever she wants. We have had no contact for 6 months and its sad that she moved on so quick like I never existed. At 23 she's had 4 long term relationship which is a and awful lot... My problem is I keep visualizing the holidays we had and the places we used to go. I am still delusional how someone can actually do this to someone.

People saying move on, plenty more fish in the sea doesn't help, I know what I got to do why can't I do it?


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  • That's the thing, see. We're all different. Some people just can't be alone. Like your ex for example. She's so f***ing insecure that she needs someone else's validation to feel beautiful and wanted. My ex was the same way. After me, she rebounded on someone else. And after that person, rebounded on someone else. People like that carry on this way throughout their entire lives. Probably will do the same after their 10th marriage and divorce. You're better off without her man. Just remember that there will be a wonderful girl out there for you and you will find her.

    • Yes what you say is so so true and I know she will never have the ability to settle. It's unfortunate that I had to end up with the bad one that ended up breaking my heart but I spose that's life. Life is full of surprises and next time I will just be more guarded. I do sometimes ask why me, I just want to have that happiness I once had that had seemed to have disappeared. That's for your words.

    • It's hard but you will come out stronger. Best of luck man.

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  • Were you considered a rebound? If so, I was one too. It hurts. You need to completely let go of that person and totally move on. Never look back just keep moving forward.

    • I don't think I was a rebound but everything moving forward you start to doubt. I don't understand how someone can just let go of everything that we once had and start again. In my mind it doesn't make sense. Evidently she want in love with me like I was in love but to just forget someone is mind blowing considering I would have done anything for her. I know I need to let go but the emotional scars she has left me I am not sure they will ever completely heal.

    • You have to admit the truth and it's all over, said and done. You just need to let go and focus on your life rather than hers. She's out of your life and in a relationship with someone else. It hurts man I know. I'm going the similar situation but no choice but doing my best to move on and let the time heal all the pain. All the best!

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  • It's because you're still thinking a lot about her.

    Forget about her. Let her have her life.

    Focus on your life. There's a lot of wonders that you will pass up if you still can't step forward.


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