Will he come back...again?

I'm 50 and my ex is 47. We've been dating for 5 years. During these years we've had a few breakups.. mostly about communication issues and ghosts from his past - where he was hurt badly. Recently, we've had a lot of stress between my work, a death in the family, his son, and his work..and we also talked marriage and moving to another state. We were happy.. he said he was happy.

then, one day a few weeks ago, I called him after a stressful day and said how glad I was to hear his voice. He yelled at me that I didn't listen to his voice mail. I was stunned at this ... He tells me I NEVER listen to him and he has to tell me things 50 times. Since communication was an issue in the past and we even went to a counselor to resolve and understand. I have been very in tune to hearing him and I asked him if we could discuss his hurt and angst. He just kept yelling and said I make him so angry.. that he knows he has an anger problem, but that it's because I don't listen to him.

I sent him a nice email stating my part in this breakup and encouraged him that listening to him is very important to me.. that HE is important to me and how can we work this out?

Long story short, he brought all my stuff back to my house, he said he was sad. We had a good talk and we would keep the communication open. THen, three days later... he said he wanted no contact. only...to text me a very happy birthday the next week and we're still on Facebook.

I have not heard from him since.

My question, how can he go from SO loving, have wonderful times together, working out the issues and we both felt good about it. .even the why he's gets angry. He said how much he appreciate my patience.

What's his deal?


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  • the deal is your trying so hard to make something work that just isn't . you can't change how he feels or make him be more open with you . it sounds like you have done everything you could to keep the two of you going and even if he did come back this is going to just happen again .

    as for him being loving one min then the next he wasn't I understand how you feel its like everything was going great in your eyes then all of a sudden out of no where it wasn't . I have had this happen to me before as well and it is very painful but the truth is at least in my case I was the one who was happy and I thought he was because I was doing all I could to make him happy so I thought he was . this might be the same case for you and him . he might have seemed happy on the outside but on the inside he wasn't . and if the two of you have problems talking to each other and being open then there was no way for you to have new he was feeling like that .

    If I was you I would really be done with this relationship and move on . do things that make you happy for once . you going to spend all your time trying to fix something that is so broken and miss out on someone who is really right for you .


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