I haven't seen my boyfriend in almost a month?

My boyfriend went on vacation for two weeks so it makes sense to not see him during this time.

But the thing is that we got in a fight about four days before he left because I was mad at something I now realize is stupid.

In the end I apologized and tried to hang out or talk to him but he basically ignored me. He did call back one time, but the other time he didn't.

Just before he left he sent me a long text to tell me he was leaving and that he's really sorry he hasn't seen me or contacted me that much and he hopes I can accept his apology but that he's been feeling really sick and depressed lately.

He is the type that when something is wrong he doesn't want to be around anybody so I know that when he's feeling down I should leave him alone, and I'm fine with that.

While he was on vacation he kept in contact with me and even called me and sent me pictures. He kept me updated with what was going on with him, like when he was on his way back, and when he arrived, or what he was doing when he was there.

What I'm not fine with is that he has been back from vacation for a week and not only turned down my efforts to see him, but also not made any effort himself.

I called or texted him a few times since he's been back and he usually replied except for once where he told me the next day he was sorry for not replying.

Every time I tried to hang out he told me he was busy and he even suggested another day, but I was busy that day.

On one hand, this is the first week back from spring break so I can understand him being busy, but on the other hand, I feel like a man should want to see his girlfriend, especially if it has been so long.

He told me he missed me a lot and wanted to see me but he isn't showing that.

When I tried to address him about it, (I just asked him directly what he wants... space or not) he said that I shouldn't worry and that everything is OK and he will call me later.

Anyway, he still hasn't called.

To give some background information, my family doesn't support me being with him and he told me that he's been thinking about that a lot lately and our future... he also told me that he thinks I get mad when he is with his friends and not me (which I do, that is what that fight in the begging was about) and he doesn't like it. I told him that it is wrong of me and that I will try to work on it because I know he should do anything he wants since I can't have him all to myself but sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me. I also told him that even thought my parents don't support this, I am an adult and I want it so that is all that matters.

Am I smothering him too much or is he acting like a jerk?

Does it sound like he wants to break up or just wants space/ is busy?

Or does it sound like he is taking this time to really think things over?

Do you have any advice on how I should act?

We are 19 and 20 and in university and we have been together for over a year if that is any help.

Thank you!


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  • I think you should find somthing todo get your mind of him a little meet friends go out get busy is obvious your putting to much thought to the guy whose pushing you to the side he wants to split but don't know how he has feelings for you but he's in thinking mode and afraid to get back because he don't wanna come back to the same situation he was in be 4 with you he's keeping his plate fool buy not givin you a y/no so as soon as he meets some one els he scrapes you off the plate and eat the new dish try some thing new mabe change your look get a new car switch your life up to your comfort so he can see somthing els in you or get reintrested I'm a guy ..

  • It seems that he just want space for himself.

    Give it time.


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