Am I wrong for what I did after a break up??

Okay so my (ex) boyfriend and I had a huge fight earlier and it ended up in a break up. I was so upset so I turned to my best guy friend since forever to come over my house and let me vent to him. About 15-20 minutes later he arrived and we both went up to my room. We talked for like an hour and one thing led to another and we ended up having sex. He just left and now I feel so guilty and terrible. Am I wrong for sleeping with my best friend right after a break up? I feel like complete crap right now.


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  • It sounds like this was an impulsive thing on your part and the guy was well being a guy, but not a gentlemen. You were in an emotional panic and he was "there" for you and took advantage of your frame of mind, you were worrying about how bad things will be, about being alone and not finding someone else. Assuming you did not have sex with your friend as a way to make your boyfriend jealous I would just hope he might take you back.

    Seriously I would reconsider your friendship with that guy, what he did is to me almost like taking advantage of a woman who is intoxicated as you were in a state of mind where judgment was out the window.


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  • Yes its wrong, but you were single, and if your boyfriend don't like it, then he shouldn't of broke up with you, but you should of had a little more respect for yourself, and your friend should of had mor erespect for you also, so you have made a bad situation worse, probably no making up now, as he will feel betrayed even though you were split up, but this won't matter. The guilt will stay until you both move on and get new partners,x

  • This is why guys get jealous when girls have close guy friends. We know what goes through their head and they want to have sex with you. It's more on him for taking advantage of you while you're emotional, but yeah it was pretty wrong for you to do that. Because if you wanted to get back with your ex that could be a deal breaker.


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  • I mean I think it was pretty bad for you to have sex with your best friend after a break up but I think he took advantage of you while you put all your trust in your best friend. So I see it as wrong because if it would of happened in reverse meaning your (ex) boyfriend would've done that you would be pissed.. and in order for yall to move forward your gonna have to tell him... sorry you feel that way girlie.. :-/


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