Guy hasn't texted me back in 3 days...

That means he's not into me right? I met him at the bar on Tues. He had to leave with his friends but ended up textinge and coming back out that night to see me. We stayed up all night and had a great time. When he left my house the next afternoon he texted me that he had a blast and couldn't wait to do it again. We texted back and forth a couple times Thurs and ended up talking on the phone for almost 2 hours and made plans for Monday night... and since then I haven't heard a thing... I texted him like once a day - first day was a sexy picture, next day asked him if he got the pic, and today I said "Happy Easter! Hope you still want to get together tomorrow" and I've heard nothing in return. I'm confused because it seems abnormal for someone to just completely ignore me like that, especially when he seemed totally into me from the start. Wtf? Typically I don't care but I actually thought this guy was really hot and def wanted to see him again... what do I do?
Okay so he texted me back today with: ":-) hey darling sorry I've been vacant. Still running around bay area bills and contract stuff. Fun. I was expecting to be finished by this weekend but it didn't happen. I should be out that way tomorrow. How are ya doll?"

I have a feeling if he had any idea that I was on here asking you guys these questions he'd probably never talk to me again. LOL

But does that mean he likes me or doesn't like me?


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  • Wait for a reply tomorrow?

    If he doesn't say anything back, then wait a couple days for an explanation. If nothing in a week, move on.


    • That makes sense.

      But I think my bigger question is why? lol It seems like the only guy I'm interested in is the only one not interested in me.

      Still, why would he pretend to be interested and then drop off the face of the earth?

      ai'm guessing obsessively texting him that very question would be a bad idea so I'm asking you. Did I do something wrong by sending the picture or texting him 3 times in the interi

    • Hell I don't know what's going on his mind. He might have totally forgot about it, I mean I can't even remember what I ate for breakfast :0.

      Some guys are different when it comes to keep track of plans. I for one, am always on point, plan ahead of time, arrive ahead prior to the arrival time, ect..

      The worst case scenario, his guy friends convinced him to make 2nd thoughts about you. I don't know why but this happens a lot especially when you bring friends lol.

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  • Something must have happened to his phone, or he's just not that into you.


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  • That happened to me too. Don't let guys fool you. I was so mad when the guy I was talking to stopped texting me. I think the guy is not interested anymore. Guys are such jerks

  • he's not into you, he hasn't returned your calls or messages. that's kind of embarrassing that he didn't respond to the text in all honesty. sounds like he got his sex and moved on

    • he probably isn't single.

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