Ex dumped me last June...still sad and bitter? what do I do?

She was going off to college far from me and wanted to be single. We were together 2 yrs. Every once in a while feelings of resentment come to me about how much I cared for her and how little she cared.

I need to do something to ge closure. I need another girlfriend, confidence, and a way to deal with it. I am thinking about workingout to a perfect body. I feel depressed with how little attention from girls I like even with my decent body and good personality I have now. What should I do?


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  • So for this I would normally have you talk to a guy friend of mine who was actually engaged to a girl who dumped him in a royally b****y manner. He's not on GAG, though, so here goes:

    (1) If there's some bucket list of stuff you've always wanted to do and haven't, pick one or two and go do them.

    (2) If you've always dreamed of being more outgoing, JUST BE OUTGOING. It will take a bit of a nudge at first, but you'll get used to it after a while.

    (3) Those friends you ignored to go be with her? Go see them. Travel to a few of your besties.

    A FEW warnings, though, since I see what he's doing from the female perspective:

    (1) DON'T start replacing real dates with frequent excursions to the dance clubs and guy clubs. It's a negative spiral that will make you lose your sense of what you like about women and you won't be able to move on to a productive relationship in the future. He told me this much himself.

    (2) DON'T sit around at home surrounded by crap she's given you, crap you've given her (that she returned) or furniture that you ****ed on. Toss it. Toss all of it. Good Will needs good clothes, mattresses and anything else you'd like to give away. CLEAR YOUR PALATE FOR THE NEXT LUCKY GAL -- like the sip of water you have before switching from one glass of wine to another.

    • Since I broke up with her, I have made a lot of effort in being more outgoing. Unfortunately I'm stuck in the world of med school, so free time to pursue new hobbies is very little. As for her cards, letters etc... all gone.

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    • Whats the correlation b/w me being a med student and rebounding? I don't get what you mean

    • Go find a new partner. Med students -- long hours stuck together with the same batch of gals, day in and day out -- is usually how med students find their new targets.

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  • Get over it stop putting so much on being single why not try new things or something you don't need to have a girl in you life all the time being single is a good thing it gives you the time and the freedom to expiriance new things and stuff like that

    • Im not the type of guy to just go out and get girls easily and experience things. "Get over it". Like its just that easy?

    • I didn't say it was easy and you can if you try

  • You're free now you can do what you want

  • To follow your inner thoughts.

  • I was like that, and then because I never got closure...I subconsciously took it out on another guy (the rebound guy).

    I don't think you can help but carry that resentment onto another relationship.

    The answer to this is wait. Wait till you're healed and you have to accept that this is going to take a while. I admittedly didn't wait and hurt another guy in the process.


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  • The long term solution is to find a nicer girl, of course.

    But it wouldn't hurt to makea voodoo doll, cut and paste her face on it, and ram it full of rusty nails until you are tired, while thinking of tortures she could be undergoing. Then rub the doll with catnip and give it to a feline.

    There, do you feel better nolw? SHE'S NOT WORTH YOUR TIME TO FEEL BITTER ABOUT!

    Don't worry abvout your body; so long as you're not overweight, girls won't care much.

    Learm new things,. Go new places,l avoid places where her kind hangs out..and above all else, SEEK ENLIGHTENMENT wherever you can find it!

    Girls flock to enlightenment, so long as you are wearing a French fisherman's sweater.

  • You simply have to work on your body.

    Working out will give you the confidence you're looking for.

    Also, it's not as if your ex is the only girl in the world.

    There are a lot of women who will swarm around you as long as you keep being optimistic.


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