My ex has hurt me enough, why is he still trying to control me?

Someone please help me, I'm hurting so bad.

I was with my ex for a year and we moved into an house together in December. To start with he was a gentleman made me so happy, took me out, wanted to spend time with me. Then when we moved in together he started partying 4 nights a week, some nights not even coming home! slept all day, the whole going out together stopped, I had girls coming to me saying he was cheating on me with them, I found naked pictures of him having sex with girls on his phone! and when I confronted him, I was insecure, crazy, paranoid! Then one day I got a phone call at 4am to tell me he was cheating so I went to the place he was at with the girl and even though I caught him, I was still the bad guy! I was the crazy one for turning up, I know this sounds silly but he actually got into my head and made me question if I was going crazy.

Then one day I got home from work to find that he had upped and left me, no note no nothing and yet its all my fault, he can't forgive me for turning up at that flat when I caught him cheating!

I loved him so much, I did everything for him, I gave him all I could now he treats me like I'm a bad guy!

Since we've split, he either ignors me or when I went out follows me and was all over me, even telling my friend he's still in love with me! but then 2 days later he's abusing me saying I'm not "proper" for going out and he wants nothing to do with me because I was in a nightclub he doesn't want me in.

Its like if you don't care about me like you proclaim and you don't want me back you wouldn't care if I'm in the same room as u, ud live your life.

I shouldn't give this guy the time of day, but I do love him. I am worried about him because his behavior since he's left is erractic, he's lost weight, looks like he hasn't slept for a week! he seems to be drinking. And one min he's wanting to be nice to me the next he's being hurtful saying horrid things to me when he knows deep down I'm a good woman,

I just hope one day he realizes what he's lost.

I just need some views/opinions on the situation as I feel it would help me move on. thanks x


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  • yeah don't ever stay with a controling guy

  • Don't ever, ever associate yourself with him again.

    He just takes you for granted.

    Even cheats on you when you're putting your best in the relationship.

    Don't think of him again. Don't think of trying to get back with him.


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