Why men cheats when they already have a girlfriend to satisfy them ?

Its complicated that I'm having intimate relationship with a guy that have a gf..and he isn't single..he said he been with this girl for 8 years now..he got tired and all and he wants me..

why men cheats ? He can have sex with his girlfriend why he wants me..i don't get it..


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  • 1. Let's begin with 'if there's water & you are thirsty, u'll drink' - YOU are the water here and he's thirsty. if the water (you) didn't exist or refused then he cannot do what he's doing :D

    2. Coming back to men's morality etc, let's accept that in almost every long relationship there always generally comes a time when either one or both get bored. The man being the way nature's made him in addition to the way global eons old society has been formed the man enjoys more freedom and liberty thus allowing him to indulge in such acts. Ofcourse 'cheating' and 'fidelity' etc also have been coined by the same society. There are also women who indulge but fewer and less exposed :)

    3. A relationship is not just about sexual gratification but comprises a great part of it

    4. People and generally men tend to go out of the relationship to experience the excitement and in a bid to get rid of the boredom. Once some woman like you obliges for your own gratification (call and name it whatever) it emboldens him to explore further thus maybe becoming a habit

    5. In this case none including you is above the word 'cheating' ;)

    6. Though this guy is to blame (we still don't know how and what things are between him and his gf), you are to blame too :) - so why the innocent question young lady?

    • hahaa I dint say its not my fault...i feel guilty but I like him...

      well the main answer I want to know is..is he playing around or he really into me...

      ppl say men want sex that's why they need girl but I don't understand why he need me because he can have sex with his girlfriend too..

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    • Your call young lady :) good luck :)

    • thanks ...sigh..

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  • What does he tell you?

    In general, it probably comes down to one or more of:

    - he actually can't have sex with his girlfriend whenever he wants, or she shows no interest

    - she doesn't seem to care about/respect him in general

    - he craves multiple partners

    - he prefers the excitement of sex he's not supposed to be having

    - he prefers to keep intimacy and sex separate.

    The real question in my mind is why he hasn't dumped her if she's just a gf?

    They have kids?

    • he do have sex with her..he say they often argue...she nags a lot and keep harping on those stuff that they argue about etc...and he say his girlfriend don't bj for him and everything just sex that's it..

      no kids but they stay together..

      he say he don't know how to end a relationship because he been in a relationship with her since 14...so she is his first and same for her.. 8 years relationship and its hard that's what he says..


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    • ok, tell her that "its over because you nags ...the 8 years relationship its over"

      that is what you think he should say ? :/ is that heartless ?

      he told me its been awhile and he feel so stress up...sometimes I feel its bad having intimacy relationship with him because he isn't single..

    • I wouldn't say why. He should just tell her he wants to move on.

      Or he should tell her he feels like their relationship is dying, and they need to work on it (which I recognize is probably not what you want).

  • This question is barely readable...but men cheat because they are bored, because they can, because they are selfish, and because there is always some simple-minded broad like you willing to get down.

  • People fall out of love and gravitate towards others. He certainly should discontinue his previous relationship though as soon as he realized he was in love with another woman.

    But this happens, people are the same for a moment in time, and then they change, fall out of love, nothing stays the same forever. It's just a reality of existence, nothing in the infinite universe stays the same, why would a relationship between two mortals be any different? If people didn't die, then no relationship would literally last forever, eventually the two would drift apart sooner or later. It's only because of death people can say, "We'll be together forever", but it's not true, there is no forever with mortals, they die and cease to exist.

    • but he do care for his gf...he told me when he had sex with her he don't have the urge anymore..i don't understand..i thought its all the same for men ?

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    • but why is it not realistic? Because society told us that it wasnt? because its a law? What about that mormon guy on television. You know? Sister wives?

    • Because women, like men, get jealous, they want to be the center of attention from that one person. A woman with 2 husbands likely would not end well just as a man with 2 wives. There would always be hidden resentment, hidden feelings of betrayal that would eat away at them. The only way it could ever possibly work is if all 3 people were in love with each other. So the people of the same sex would need to be bisexual... it's just a scenario that would be very rare and liked I said...

  • It seems that his girlfriend can't satisfy him well enough in bed.

    Or it's just that he has high sexual drive thus he wants to do it with every girl he finds attractive.

  • Variety is a wonderful thing.


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  • Don't you feel a little bad being the other woman? Don't you realize he would do the same to you down the road? Yes, it isn't your fault he is cheating at all... but I think you should really think about how unreliable and trust worthy this guy is. He probably turned to you because he wanted attention, or his girl wasn't giving into him enough, distance, or what not. But he should have broken up with her before he turned to you. Simple as that.


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