Does he miss me or just messing with me?

Its been 5 months that we broke up. And after 4 months of trying to get back and now finally trying to move on. And after my ex boy friend making it very clear he doesn't want to get back. He randomly calls . I don't answer any of his calls. Since the last time I met him 3 weeks ago he called twice. And second time I returned the call as he left a message. And he obv didn't have anything important to say. And definitely nothing bout getting back together. He keeps sending me friend requests on Skype. And I don't get it? WHY does he do this?
Also he may have created a fake account and tried adding me from it .


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  • Because they want to TORTURE us. LOL! I swear they want their cake and eat it too sometimes. They don't want YOU as their GIRLFRIEND, but they don't want you to go away entirely either. Its a catch 22.

    • i know right? what does that even mean? I mean confuses the hell out of me. I keep ignoring him requests and he keeps sending them

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