Confusing signals from ex, what do they mean?

Hi, new here so here goes, so basically I was with this girl for a year between 2010 and 2011, after some stupid stuff happened she broke up with me, ( I didn't cheat or anything like that)

Now we saw each other a couple of times between then and now even met up alone once, always got on and had a good time. I would also hear through mutual friends a lot about her asking about me and I didn't think much of it other than curiosity, but at one time he said she was saying how much she misses and still likes me and wanted to ask me to get back together but I missed a call she made from his phone and never heard much more of it,. Also there was a night we were both at his flat and got drunk and started kissing and playing, I did ask what it meant to which she replied why does it have to mean something. After that I saw her a couple of times at friends nothing got said about it.

I hadn't seen her at all this year and just happened to go past her the other day, and she called me so I stopped and talked, she was walking a friends dog and said she was about to take him back and did I want to do something, so I thought why not.

We ended up just sitting around a fire in the woods talking for a good few hours in a spot we done the same thing in back when we were together, we were just getting to know each other again talking about interests and new goals and things like that, I had some quite strong feelings at the time and I thought they were mutual I couldn't help thinking she was still the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, she told me she was planning on knocking for me (which I got told by a mutual friend also) and had been trying to text me, I figured she had the wrong number or something so not thinking anything of it when we were leaving I suggested swapping numbers which we did then parted ways, I thought then was it a stupid thing to do did I make myself look too keen and stupid stuff like that, decided not to worry too much and waited from Thursday till Tuesday to text, just simple said "hey it was good to see you the other day :-), how was your weekend? x" I know it hasn't been long but no reply, and after she said she loves texting when I saw her it makes me think she's just ignoring me or just wants to see if I'm still wrapped round her little finger.

Sorry to make this so long but it's confusing me so much and I can't talk to anyone, none of my 'friends' are interested I just could use some outside opinions, I still really like her and if we saw each other as friends a few times and things went well I would like to try again and I think it could work as we are really good together, and now have new knowledge and experience, anyway I should end it there if someone could just help me decipher these weird signals I could feel sane again, please ask any questions you need, thank you


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  • It seems that she wants to reignite things with you again.

    You're clearly over thinking things whilst she's laying all her cards on the table.

    • Yeah I have a habbit of over thinking, it does seem like she is keen then I try to reciprocate and hit a wall though, just seems odd its been a day and not even a reply, maybe if I phone instead of text it would show her I am interested? any advice? thanks for the reply by the way

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