What is he thinking/feeling?

My ex recently left me to go back to his ex. There was nothing wrong with our relationship, other than her begging him back. His reason for leaving was basically because they had years together compared to our months.

This is their third break up and I'm sure it won't be their last.

Of course I was thinking he's a jerk for doing this. But then he came to get his stuff out of my house. I put his stuff in the garage for him to get without him having to talk to me (per his request). When he came to pick it up I was standing by the window, right before he got in the car he looked straight at me for at least 10 seconds. He just stared...and he looked like he was hurting. :/

He said he wants to keep in touch and that if things didn't work out with her he will beg me for another chance.

Things were really good between us. I almost feel like he didn't really want to do this but she has some pull over him for whatever reason. (And they don't have kids together.)

Of course my girlfriends say he will be back. (Will I take him back? Maybe, maybe not) Just wanting a guys point of view.


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  • Ouch! This is exactly what happened to me.

    No you don't stay in touch with him. Leave him and cut him off completely. Do not be second to none. You need to take your value and dignity back and never let him crush your heart like that ever again!

  • Yes you're right. They will probably break up again, and he will probably come back to you again. But, then what? What happens a few months down the road when he starts wondering about the two of them again? For whatever reason they haven't finished what they're doing/resolved things so until that happens, they will forever be tied to each other in this break up get back together act. I'd stear clear.


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