I want to stay mad at an ex!

My ex and I work together, but were also really close friends. He had a huge crush on me, and asked me out. 9 months into a pretty serious relationship, he broke up out of the blue. He said he saw our relationship continuing forever, and he felt too young to commit to something that serious (he's 23 y/o).

I was very mad at him for like 6 months! I hated the way he broke up, and his reason, and why he asked me out if he wasn't ready. I basically didn't talk much to him and ignored him if he tried talking to me. He's been trying for a friendship ever since we broke up, but I have been giving him the cold shoulder for months!

In the last few wks, I'm finding myself not angry anymore. We are starting to talk like normal again. I don't like this for two reasons: 1. I don't want to forgive and forget like he didn't hurt me at all, 2. My anger was my only wall up against him...if I'm friendly again, I'll fall for him again and get hurt again.

What do I do? Should I try to stay angry so he doesn't get his way of friendship, and I don't get hurt by falling for him again?

Anyone else ever felt like you needed to stay angry at an ex?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I believe my girlfriend is doing the same thing to me as well. I didn't cheat on her but I wasn't attentive to all her emotional needs however I was a great guy I gave her anything material that she needed just not emotionally now that I realize that I want to try the relationship again but she is giving me the cold shoulder as well.. I just hope she will loosen up her walls because I love her and I want to show her I won't hurt her again. But for you I tell you to give it one more shot.. Apparently he must really still care about you if he continues to contact you..


What Girls Said 1

  • Nope you don't need to feel angry you just need to let go of the grudges towards your ex.

    The more you feel mad, the more you feel the posion running through your vein. You're killing yourself by doing this. It takes time to let go but you need to stay strong and you'll get through it.


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