Getting back with an ex after a while

So my ex has a relationship going but it's breaking very badly that has last around 4 months with a rebound guy. She tells me now she knows better and want to reconnect with me. She appears to really want to rekindle something back. It does seems legit but I'm afraid there's something I'm missing. I don't want to make a fatal mistake either getting back with her or not getting back with her. Any insight of when and how it would be okay would be welcomed... please...
The relationship ended before because it wore down emotionally because we were carrying a lot of baggage. To me this time has been good because I've been able to free myself from it. It was very pressuring to love her but carry all this. She also seems to have matured some key stuff.


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  • Why did you break up in the first place?

    If you still have feelings for her and are able to take her back after her previous relationship with that rebound guy then go ahead.


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