How Do I Get Him To Commit? Or Inspire the Feeling/Idea?

I have been seeing this guy about once a week since December. When we first started hanging out, I could tell he wasn't over his ex at all. We'd hang out three times, then he'd back off. So this had been going on until February, when I had a conversation with him about him needing to get over her and be happy for himself. So he got over her and we have been hanging out all this month at least once a week. I've brought up wanting a relationship before and he said he wants to remain single. Yes, we have been sleeping together since the beginning, and I know he occasionally sees other girls (I also occasionally see other guys) but without sleeping together. When I am interested in these other guys, he ups his attention to me, and when I like him, his attention decreases.

How do I get him to want the relationship level with me?


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  • Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?

    • That doesn't help me here.

    • If you expanded on that premise, it would answer your question.

    • So stop sleeping with him? or just back off completely?

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