Moving to a different area?

do you live far away from your family? do you live in the same town or city? do you live in a totally different state or province? iam thinking of moving out of this town for a while now. my family is here my brother my mom, my nieces.i just feel I've out grown everything and every body here and I just feel I need to move on. as soon as I can move iam going to. but part of me will feel a bit guilty for moving far away. mixed emotions about it really. but I just have a longing to meet more fullfilling friendships and a relationship which are in extremely short supply where iam now. I feel I need a fresh start somewhere, new faces, new friends new experiences is all very appealing to me. even just typing about it makes me more light hearted. so please share your experience, your thoughts.


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  • The college I go to is about 12 hours from home. When I came here I knew nobody and it's been a great experience for me. When I do go home I enjoy it a lot and really appreciate just being home. My first year it was a little bit hard for me because I got homesick but I'm now a junior and that feeling is completely gone. I will admit I do miss my family sometimes but I talk to them a lot so that definitely helps. Overall, being that far away from home and experiencing something completely new has been really good for me.


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