He texted me after 2 years of not speaking?

So my pseudo-ex who I've avoided/not spoken to in over two years was in town yesterday & texted saying he saw me out walking.

I used to be extremely close with him and his family, worked with him, were ghost dating no real title +l the stress, and things ended awkwardly when I opted to move out of his family's house after they asked me to move in. That was 2.5 years ago. And we haven't spoken since that point (he ignored me when I called telling him that I was moving way back when and I took that as him being pissed).

Anywho he texted saying how crazy he thought it was that he saw me and how long it's been since we've talked, and that he's in town for a week. I replied pretty flatly and just welcomed him back, I don't have any plans to see him/show interest in seeing him. He hasn't texted since.

I don't think I'm comfortable talking with him further, but we share a lot of mutual friends so I didn't want to ignore it all together knowing he's in the area.

Any idea what he wants/what's going on his end?


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  • It seems that he wants to keep your friendship and just to see how you're doing.

    • That's what I would think, but he tends to keep friends (guys/girls) around regardless. He cut me out (as he has his other flames) for 2+ years (same length of tim), and then suddenly starts talking to them again like nothing has changed, tries dating, and runs when it doesn't work out. With his friends he's pretty consistent/never falls out of touch. He's been back here multiple times in the past 2 years and hasn't said anything to me. His Mom also tried to get in touch with me. So I'm confused

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  • He probably just wanted to say hi and asked how you're doing. He was being friendly I think.

  • probably wants closure if it ended so awkwardly

    • I wondered about that. I figured he'd be more straight forward about what he wanted (to talk, catch up etc.) if he was honestly trying get closure/reconcile.

    • well if hell be in town for a week hell probably text again later.

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