So technically I'm still single right? So why do I feel bad for asking my ex boyfriend to stay over?

Im talking to this marine who is in afghanistan. And he comes back in may. We talk through Skype. I threw out the word "boyfriend" to see if he felt that way about me. He told me that when he comes back he is hoping to be in a relationship. He says that he misses me and he wants me to move in with him.

But I'm in a sticky situation. I have to go to my moms city and I don't want to stay the night because there is no place for me to sleep and my baby sister is evil. She called the cops on me once and lied and told them that I hit her.

So my ex boyfriend lives in the,same city as my mom and I asked him id I could stay over. He said he would let me know. I even told the marine about my ex. I never had sex with my ex and we were friends before we dated. I never lived with any of my boyfriends bite have I ever spent the night. This marine if we are together would be my first serious relationship. I'm not into serial monogamy.


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  • You're single. It seems like it's too soon for you guys to be talking about moving in. Why would you want to get in a relationship with someone who's thousands of miles away anyways when there are local guys for you to choose from? Sorry about my little rant, that's not what you were asking. I'd say you should talk to your ex about staying over as a backup plan. And try to make peace with your crazy sister.


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  • First off, as of right now, despite your feelings, you are single. So really you can do whatever you want. I see why you don't want to upset him or anything, so as long as you are honest with him about where you are staying I don't see any problem with it. You and the ex are just friends so just remember that when you stay there.


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