She went from rubbing my leg to being ice cold, why?

So, I went to the library at my college today to get so work done, so I sat down at the computer across from this girl. 5 minutes after sitting down I feel her foot (with flip flops on) kind of tap the side of my leg slightly, then again, then she slowly moved he foot again the side of my leg and withdrew. Thinking she was interested I moved my feet up more and the side of my leg slightly hit her foot. After maybe a her foot rubbing against my leg, there was nothing. She completely withdrew her feet. I kept my legs outstretched and she hit my feet with her feet again on accident maybe 15 minutes later but that was it. Then maybe 20 minutes after that her guy friend/boyfriend came over and I left shorty after I moved. So, my question is what happened. When I sat down across I noticed she had her legs stretched out, one crossed over the other and I always sit with my legs forward. I could she if accidently tapped by leg once and it was a accident but it was a few times, so wtf? Sorry, it was so long, this is my first question and there was a lot of detail to put. Thanks for answering.


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  • Could have easily mistaken it for a table leg or a bag. I've done the same thing myself upon a time.

    Stop over thinking, leave that to women.

    • I guess that is a high possibility, never crossed my mind, but it seems like she would notice the hair on my legs. I over think a lot of things, just who I am.

    • Meh, her mind was on the assignment and not on her foot.

      I used to over think things and still do occasionally but I try and just force myself not to.

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