Confused about sea glass.

About two weeks ago I kicked out the guy I have spent the last 1.5 years of my life with. We met on a dating service, went out on 20-30 dates and he even came to live with me for 6 months. It was a hard decision but I felt like I had given this relationship way more time then I have should of and nothing came out of it. There was no sex, no commitment, although we acted in every way like a couple and even slept in the same bed. He knows that I love him and want more.

Every time I would ask what we were, I would get we are best friends, closest friends. I can't date anyone right now because I have to get my life back together and get myself right first.

I haven't spoken with him in two weeks and he just got a new apartment. He has taken 75% of his stuff and left his dog and all his valuables here. He was supposed to get them the past two weekends.

I am just started a sea glass/jewelry business that I have been working hard to get up and running before summer. It was something we did together, that is go out on the beach and collect sea glass.

A couple days ago he sent me a picture of some sea glass he had in storage. Yesterday he texted me that he scored 10 lbs more.

I am confused as to why he keeps on sending me stuff about sea glass and not talking about things that are actually important. Like when he is going to get his stuff. Or what is up between the two of us. Or ask me how I am doing.

It is ironic that he is sending me stuff after I put my first pics up on Facebook.

I am not sure why he is being so nice, when I haven't heard from him in two weeks.

Any idea?

He birthday is in two days. Originally I had planned on getting all his friends together, rent a hotel room, and go dance the night away. An idea he loved. But since all this, I have approached the subject. I figured a simple Happy Birthday is best.


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  • sounds to me...and I rarely make this assertion... like he may be gay.

    To live with a girl and call her your best friend, not sleep with her, etc. Sounds like a person who is really conflicted about their sexuality. There is just little reason to be with someone for 1.5 years and not have a physical relationship with them particularly when you live and sleep together.

    do you think he may be a closeted homosexual?

    • I don't believe he is. He has been with many women... I mean ALOT. When I first met him, he had just gotten out of a 5 year engagement (she walked out on him and started dating a new man). We used to spend 2-3 nights a week together before he moved into my apartment. We were always talking on the phone. We have talked in the past about marriage and kids. I should say this past year he also lost his job and his house... hence why he was living with me. He now has a new job and new apt.

    • strange situation. it doesn't add up to me

  • Forget the birthday idea. And your apartment isn't a kennel, tell him to come get his dog. If you want the 10lbs of sea glass offer him fair market value.

    Sounds weird to me...i.e., why no sex, why did you live together for six months - how did that come about, after 1.5 years and he is only telling you you are best friends, "closest friends", there is something not right.

    I can appreciate that fact that is was a 1.5 year relationship and that you two are probably comfortable together, but it's probably best to just make a clean cut and try to move on. That requires him getting the rest of his stuff and especially his dog from your place. I wouldn't try to figure out why he's being nice, it doesn't sound like there is any reason to not be nice.

    • I don't know why... everyone round us see our connection and thinks of us as a couple. All his friends thought we were dating.

      We met online. Talked for weeks and since then were inseparable. We would spend 2-3 nights together. We must have gone on 20-30 dates.

      He lost his job and house and that is why he came and lived with me. Just until he got back on his feet.

      He did get out of a 5 year engagement right before we met.

    • A 5 year engagement?! I don't see him as the committing type, and you don't want him committing for the wrong reasons, e.g. he's jobless and has trouble paying his own rent. I think there are better things out there for you.

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