My Ex Girlfriend hurt me pretty bad behind my back...

I've been a relationship with this girl for almost 2 months. She broke up with me because she told me that I don't deserve her and that she has many faults. And she said she can't be in a relationship because her parents don't want to for now, and she has school problems, family business problems, blah blah blah. Its kind of hard for me to believe it at first because I believed I DO deserve her. She is almost everything I would want in a girl. I can't imagine she would do this, despite the fact that she is the one who is very much clingy, sweet and affectionate in the very beginning of our relationship. A lot of our friends supports us and said we are perfect for each other. But, in the end, it wasn't. So, I went "No Contact" immediately after I gave back her stuff and also I gave her my most prized possession, my silver cross necklace. She was constantly apologizing for her negative comments about me at that time too. She is now my ex.

But just recently, her best friend (who is a guy) contacted me. He apologizes constantly and told me all the sh*tty things my ex girlfriend is doing behind my back when we are still in a relationship: her ex boyfriend is actually still texting her at that time and she is texting her back, she is disrespecting me by saying negative comments about me to her friends (Prideful, arrogant, selfish), she is constantly saying the name of her ex boyfriend instead of mine, lying to me about things, and avoiding me intensionally. I was extremely shocked and hurt. So, all those times, she had been cheating, disrespecting, insulting, backstabbing, lying and messing with me BEHIND MY BACK.

Case in point, we concluded that she manipulated a lot of people including her current boyfriend (Me) just to get back with her ex boyfriend. She lied about the fact that she can't be in a relationship. Worst, is that her ex boyfriend is real scumbag who is taking her for granted. Her friends are constantly telling her about this, but she simply wouldn't listen and convinces them that the guy loves her (Yeah, right).

I feel devastated and betrayed. I lost all my sense of purpose. Anyone can give me advice on what to do? I want her back actually, but whenever I think about all the bullsh*t she's been doing behind my back, I can't help but despise her for that. Her friends are already giving up on her and taking my side, though that was kind of unexpected. I would actually thought they would be Neutral on grounds or hate me. They actually despise her for messing and breaking up with me for reasons that are not even true.


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  • F*** her dude. My ex of 3 months cheated on me begged for me back so I took her back then she broke up with me a month later. I thought she was perfect like we were separated at birth. But she has baggage, abusive boyfriends, drug abuse, family issues, dad abandonment, everything dude you name it.

    Think about it this way, How was your life before you started dating this chick? There was none of this nonsense in your life. When you started dating her all this nonsense just in a couple months.

    You don't get in a relationship to fix someone. She obviously needs help, and you CAN NEVER fix her. Only she can fix her self by just focusing on her self and not being in a relationship. It took me a while to realize that. But your way better off dude. Just breath, go focus on your self and u'll be back in action in due time. Good luck buddy

    • My life was still pretty awesome. But, she had been one of my purpose so I was awesome. Now, it kinda seems my initiatives have been lost along with this girl. The fact that she was betraying me all this time makes it all the more hurtful.

    • It sucks right now man, but U'll bounce back just gotta give it time. Someone who betray's you your whole relationship isn't worth spending time over. Sooner you forget about her your life will return to awesome. Out of sight out of mind, amen.

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