What should I do since this wasn't suppose to happen.. HELP

Me & this guy who used to talk went away for a job, he got back with his ex and she is now pregnant which I just found out. But since we went away for a couple of days, We had sex for the 1st time together, and I spoke to him about what happened. we were both drunk but that was no excuse, I believe. I asked him if I was a mistake and he said no. He said it wasn't suppose to happen and was trying to avoid something like that happening. So I told him to man up and own up to shis ****, he then said we let it happen or wanted it and it happend. But he was the one who would text me and everything to hang out when we got a chance. He made the first move, not me. he then said he felt bad and terrible if his girl found out because then he will lose her for real this time. He doesn't want me telling NO one about what happened. He said he was more worried about his girl finding out because she's pregnant. 2 days after, and it happened a second time. He texted me while we were in the hotel to hang or something and we drank, he claims he was just tipsy, meanwhile I was drunk. We had sex again. He says he wanted to leave but I was letting him. I admit it, I didn't want him to leave. But he was the one to hook up again, and do it again. He didn't have too, it's not like I forced him. I told him we can't be friends and he's just like "ahh not being friends tho"? I told him I couldn't' because my feelings were going to be involved no matter what, but he kept insisting. Basically we won't be as close as we got went we went away.. What should I do ?


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  • Try moving on, honey :( He's just using you, imo. :(

    and you are way way better off with someone else.


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  • He's the father of a child now. His responsibility is to that child, (and his girlfriend/wife if they get along).

    YOU are now out of the picture, whether you like it or not. Don't pursue him, and if he tries to make contact with you, ignore it.

    If you don't, you're just screwing up the future happiness and stability of that child. Don't be selfish. There are other fish in the sea.


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  • You're asking the same questions over and over , He has a girlfriend but you really don't care and you know it . He knows you're into him , So he's playing you . But since he has slept with you , He doesn't want you to tell his girl , So at this point he wants to be nice to you as possible . I think you're obsessed with him , You will be the one hurt in the end . Save yourself further pain .


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