What do I do my girl friend wants to go on a break but wants to come back?

I have been going out with my girlfriend for three years she says she wants to take a break because she thinks she hit a fazein her life where she wants to flirt and see if guys will take her out on a date. She says out relationship is perfect that she is still in love with me but she's just confused she didn't want me to go on dates but she can she says she's going to come back and dearest there is no other guys. We are very open to the truth so I know she's not living but what should I do let her flirt and Wait? What if she didn't some back and she still wants to hang out as much as we normal do and say you love you and kiss... I'm so confused
But she also says I'd rather you not go on dates or flirt Because it hurts her like would that push her away


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  • Dump this manipulative cow. She wants to play around, but doesn't want you to have the same rights?

    Selfish bitch.

    She wants her cake and eat it too. Dump her worthless ass.


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  • Wow, that's tough. On one hand if she feels the need to see what other man have to offer - she probably won't stop feeling this way. Are you her first boyfriend?

    But then I think it's impossible to demand that you wait for her and don't look for other experiences.

    It's good that she's honest and not cheating behind your back. But what she suggests is not fair to you.


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  • If the girl wants to go out and flirt, no one says you've gotta be a monk yourself right?


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