This is killing me inside.

About 8 months I broke up with a great girl. I felt that we werent ment to be, everything was predictable between us and it got boring we bare saw each other and when we did it was either me or her that were not in the mood to hangout. it was more her she was always down and I asked why she was down she wouldn't tell I assumed I did something wrong whenever I saw her like that. Well I decided to break up with her for the reason that I felt that we werent working out and I just couldn't be like that anymore. I didn't want to break her heart or anything because she was a sweet girl, so I told her that we just needed a break, she was crushed and I knew it but I couldn't keep doing that to myslf or her. well like to month went by and everything was fine I was a happy single guy. Then all of a sudden I started thinking about her, thinking that I had made a mistake by breaking up with her. I tried to get away from that feeling but it just got stonger I liked her more then I did when I started going out with her. I spoke to her about it and she told me that she was going to think about it and we became friends, everything was fine untill one day out of no where she just decideds that she doesn't want anything to do with me and that she doesn't want to see me anymore. I made it clear to her how I felt but she didn't care she was so cold. I don't give up that easily but I felt that after everything that had happened the best thing was to leave her alone and just move on that's what I did but its been 6 months and I still love her. There hasn't been a day that goes by that I don't think about her. I was seeing this other girl but I just couldn't get my ex out of my head and so I stopped I don't want to get into another relationship untill I'm fully over her. I know I'm been a little girl right now but I don't know what's going on with me I need help on how I can forget about her? Thanks guys for reading this and your advices will be appriciated.


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  • Sorry to hear it man...I've been the girl in this situation before so I'll give you insight as to why I decided to drop my guy...basically I was going through difficult times in life, sometimes I wouldn't wanna talk about it with him or anyone. Looking back, I know I was being annoying to him by not wanting to share my feelings but I felt like he gave up too quickly on me...he broke up with me because my depressed mood was making him feel depressed as well...months later he tried to reconnect with me and I agreed but after a few times hanging out I starting feeling like an idiot, like why the hell am I giving this guy another chance, the guy who gave up on me when I needed him to push through the difficult times with hard feelings anymore, the situation just proved that we were wrong for each other.

    well I've learned to talk about things when they're bothering me...and I'm sure my ex will try harder with his next girl if he thinks she's worth the trouble.

  • If you can't get her out of your head you need to figure out WHY...write it down, what about her do you like so much tht you think about her everyday? Believe, a chick you think about a chick tht you need to figure out quickly. Also, you said she was crushed when you broke up...and then you come back a month later saying you love her...girls hold grudges well. She may not have totally believed you and said yes in hope, but was still wary, thinking you may again leave her. Or she may have felt all that, and some bitterness too. It may be pay back, dropping you so unexpectedly. OR she may have out of the blue left you because she's is very unsure of how she feels for you or if she can trust what your saying again. You really may want to ask her why she was so upset the first time...thtz where the problems started, and there your answer may just lie. :)


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