Do you think she will come back around later?

For the sake of keeping things brief. Girlfriend broke up with me 2 months ago asking for no contact. After 2 months I contacted her and we spoke on the phone for 2.5 hours. She said she wanted to close this chapter of her life because she was going to stay with her husband for the sake of the kids happiness. She said she doesn't love him. She said that I should go out and have fun and give other people a chance; but she also said that she would be open to being together again if the time was right in the future and she was "free" -- What I'm trying to figure out based on what she has told me is whether her feelings for me are strong enough to last until we can maybe be together.

- Girlfriend felt I didn't trust her. Broke up asking for no contact.

- Girlfriend is married (seperated) but husband will move back into house for kids happiness.

- Girlfriend is getting citizenship through her husband and this is important to her.

- Girlfriend says she doesn't know the future or if we will be together again. She doesn't want to be selfish by asking me to wait on the unknown. Says she wants to close this "chapter" of her life and move on for now.

- Girlfriend says she enjoyed what we had and would like to have it again in the future if she could.

- Girlfriend says no one ever treated her the way I did and it is impossible for her to forget me. That what we had was "magical"

- Girlfriend says she enjoys talking with me and I am really the only person she can talk with this way.

- Girlfriend says she doesn't want to look at me like a "friend" but she does enjoy talking with me.

- Girlfriend says we met at the "wrong" time.

- Girlfriend says she believes that people are brought into other peoples lives for a reason.

- Girlfriend says I should meet other people; but just because I do doesn't mean she wants me to sleep with them. Only that she doesn't want to hold me back from being happy.


However, even though she says these things she is not texting or calling me. What's going on?



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  • There are TOO MANY red flags here. You are her puppet, just like her husband until she stopped loving him. She says she will stay with him for the sake of the kids. Don't forget that she will sleep in the same bed with him and so on. If the family were so important in the first place then none of this would happen.

    You are the stand-by, the "just in case open glass". She isn't talking to you because she doesn't need you at the moment.

    She says she enjoys talking to you because you are the emotional tampon that will listen to her at the time of need.

    She told you she believes that people are brought into other peoples lives for a reason. The reason isn't always good. The fact that you and her hooked up to begin with was because she was "missing" something in her life, and now she wants to get rid of something that is great? That makes no sense at all and she thinks you are stupid for buying it.

    She told you that you should meet other people but she doesn't want you to sleep with them, only she doesn't want to hold you back from being happy? News flash, she has already done that! She wants you to move on without moving on? How does that work?

    The time you had together was "magical", but she won't be with you. That should tell you EVERYTHING right there. She is giving you excuses.

    She felt that you didn't trust her? SHE'S MARRIED AND HAS YOU ON THE SIDE! How do you know she isn't going to go with another guy? How would she have felt if you had another girl at the same time? She wouldn't have liked that at all. There is no guarentee she you will ever be with her again.

    Women do this all the time, but most of the time it's on a smaller scale and men don't know about it. Does her husband know about you? How about her kids?

    When women do this they are secretly laughing their asses off at the man (men) they do this to. DO NOT wait for her. She is trying to break it to you easy that you don't qualify anymore to be with her. Move and and find someone else. Start dating other women asap.


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  • Seems like you're the back up plan here. I'm not 100% sure, but that's how I see it. She needs her husband to get the citizenship and to have the "family feeling" for the children, so he's the number one now. She wants to be with you "if the time is right", that can be in a month from now, but that could also be in 10 years from now. You shouldn't wonder if her feelings are strong enough to be there until the time is right, you should wonder if you're willing to wait for her until the time is right, whenever that is. A couple that stays together for the children is worse than a couple breaking up. I mean, children feel it when there's no love between their parents and when they're old enough, they could start asking questions. In the meantime they could either find each other again or grow further apart.

    • I am having a really difficult time. She says everything she has told me is very straight and from her heart. But I feel like I'm getting mixed signals. When we spoke last she told me she was open to being friends even though she did not want to look at me like a friend because of what we had together; but she said she enjoyed talking with me and that she didn't have anyone else that she felt comfortable like this in her life. She also said no one else made her feel the way that I did.

    • Talk is easy. What are words if she can't show how she feels? Nothing much more I can say that I haven't already put in my first answer...

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  • Move on and fast, kids, on/off ex needs citizenship sounds like she's a user, makes me wounder why she couldn't stay with ex to begin with. Like to say there are millions of fish in the sea but how women are brain washed by feminism these days most fishes have at-least herpes these days. I Know it's a bitch and most of them are find something better.


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