"Study dates" with a guy

We're in college, and this guy and I have become closer friends and have been spending quite a bit of time together recently.

We sit together in the same lectures (he makes a conscious effort to sit with me), he sits in some of my classes (although he's not part of the class), he asks me to join him for simple errands, and we sometimes spontaneously go out for a casual coffee or breakfast after/in between classes.

Recently, we've started studying together as well for upcoming tests and stuff. We're currently on spring break and in separate countries, but we've kept in touch through IM.

I'm already back in Uni, and he's still in his home country till next week. He texted me yesterday asking if I wanted to meet up again to study a certain subject with him. Unfortunately, I don't take that subject (and he forgot that), so I had to say no. He then asked if I wanted to study 2 other subjects with him (which he knew we had in common) when he returns next week. I've agreed to that and I'm actually looking forward to it :)

So...am I looking too much into this - is he just friendly/interested? Do you think these 'study dates' could turn into something more? Usually we don't just study - we talk a lot, order food, watch silly stuff together - just general hanging out I guess. :)


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  • I think study dates could turn into something more. For now it seems to me that it's just strictly buisness and casual stuff. You and him do study and eat out and stuff. I think anythign is possible. Have you and him ever talk about relationship stuff?Or is it just strictly educational stuff you and him talk about?

    • we talk about pretty much everything. He's recently started making more plans (even if they're last minute) to go out for walks and just chat, study together (although we just chat more), and even run errands together

    • That is cool that you talk about everything. Yeah I think it can turn into something more with some time. He seems to really enjoy your company and hanging out with you. I sense maybe their has to be some chemistry and you and him do seem to get along great together.He seems to want to spend time with you.And to me that is a good sign that he likes you and wants to get to know you more.

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