Convincing someone to come back when you don't love them

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years . I haven't been happy for the past year I don't want to leave him because other girls will get him and he will run back to his ex. I know he still loves her. He complains because I want to wait for marriage. We fight all the time. Whenever I'm at his place and he's showering or whatever I check his phone and what do you know that SL*t keeps texting him. He says goodnight to her and good morning. They send each other pictures of sushi as a joke or something.He makes plans with her and iI hate it. He tries to leave me but I always win him back. He talks about her every so often it hurt. I checked his email and he had a flight schedual to the east coast. He said she was moving and that she had to follow her dreams he didn't get that HE doesn't want to go with her. He doesn't get he has a beautiful girlfriend. He argued that she can't move and that he had his own reasons and came back to the fact I logged on his email. He always tries to push me away but I can't loose him. His friends adore her but hate me. How do I convince him to not follow her and be withme?


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  • They don't like you cause you don't put out, you are intrusive and controlling. If you're not happy you need to find someone who makes you happy. You can't keep a guy because you don't want anyone else to have him that's completely ridiculous, go find a dude who twirls your beanie. He will never marry you with the attitude you currently have you guys will break up it's only a matter of time, deal with it and move on. The unhappiness will seep into every aspect of your life and spoil everything good you have going for you. that and sex is fun not from the devil and waiting until marriage is an archaic ideology, before there was birth control and when girls got married off at 16.


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  • How can you still want to be with him if you haven't been happy and he's giving this other girl more attention than you?

    If you have to "chase" after your boyfriend, then he needs a wake-up call. Do you ever talk to him straight up and ask him why he talks to her so much? If you're not directly telling him this with him that it upsets you, then he's going to keep talking about her with you and all of that stuff.

    And you said you don't want to leave him because other girls will get him..? If you're not happy and that's the reason why you don't want to break up, then that's an issue in itself.

    • Because other girls can't have him. His ex can't have him. I do talk to my boyfriend but he doesn't care anymore. He can NEVER leave me.

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  • Honey, follow your heart and be yourself. Sometimes a man can't see the wonderful treasure that's in front of him. And you have to tell him how you feel, if he can't accept the fact that you don't feel comfortable about it, then he's not the one. Let God be in control and he'll find you a man that will love you for who you are and not disappointed in what you're not.


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