He won't mention his girlfriend and I don't know if they're still together!

So I've formed a sort of friendship with this guy I'm interested in. He has been doing little things like texting me (first to talk about homework but sometimes moving into other things - once he texted me until after midnight), lots of eye contact, leans in towards me, and he hugged me a few weeks ago.

When I was first getting to know him, I realized he had a girlfriend so I backed off (this was last semester). Then half way through this semester he started texting me and taking more interest in me. I figured he had broken up with his girlfriend because of the change in behavior and the fact that I hadn't seen them together.

Yesterday we had class together and got along so well - I was thinking things might go somewhere until I leave class (after he had left) and see him talking to his (ex?)girlfriend.

I am beyond frustrated because I can't figure out what's going on with them and I can't ask because what if they are dating? Then I'm the dumb girl who likes an off-limits guy. I don't know what to do! Is there ANYTHING I could do to figure this thing out? A text I could send? Something I could do?


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  • Maybe you can snoop on his Facebook page to see if they are stil ltogether or are still talking. Another possibility is maybe they could be doing the friends with benifits thing or they could be even just friends after the break up. Anything is possible. But I do think he is starting to like you more. Whether or not he is trying to be a player or to run some game is remained to be seen.You could also text hi mand ask him like you said. Maybe he might tell you.

    • Sadly, he doesn't have a Facebook otherwise I would have stalked it haha. I'm trying to figure out what to do or saw that would show that I'm 100% interested in him without making it awkward if they're still dating?

    • Lol wow he doesn't have a Facebook. I'm surprised by that.Haha. Yeah I agree because if you were to bring up the subject about her it could be you look jealous or possesive if the way you say it doesn't come out right.I would say keep things the same and try not to change yur behavior if you can help it until if you can find out for sure if their dating or not. I'm just assuming maybe if they did break up that they just talk.Ex's have the tendency to sometimes to stick around and be noisy.

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