How long will I feel like I'm completely broken inside?

Im honestly not doing any good without him. my heart is legit broken. How can you still be heart broken after breaking up 6 months ago after dating him for three years?

I am legit broken inside. I need him to make me feel alive again. He was everything to me. My soulmate, my best friend. I really do believe he is the one for me. I'm sick and tired of crying myself to sleep every single night. Breaking down randomly everyday.

I do keep myself busy everyday but it just doesn't seem to work. I legit do everything I should do after break ups, but its just not helping, and its not helping that he has a girlfriend even though he tells me he still loves me and how he needs to think about being with me again. But when I tell him I need an answer he doesn't want to talk about it.

I told him just to be with her, and yet he doesn't answer me. We Haven't talked in a couple of days, and really I need him to know that I love him so much and that if we do give each other another chance, that this will last. I need him to know that I miss him like crazyy.

what more can I possibly do? I'm sick of my heartbreaking and me crying.


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  • I know exactly how you feel. it's hard I know you can't sleep you can't eat it's the worst feeling ever and you just wanna die! But you wont! when my girl first left me I cried like 40 hrs straight couldn't eat couldn't sleep. after a couple weeks she was happier than ever I was crushed but not the same way I realized she didn't feel the same I did I sent her a very detailed message of what I felt and how I felt I can show it to you if you inbox me but its real long and personal but I know how much it hurts and I don't wish that on anyone! and that's as far as I've gotten I'm on the 3rd week apart and it still hurts bad but now I can eat and sleep a lil...I hope this helps you and you get through this


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  • The reason you haven't healed yet is because you are still talking to him and still trying to keep this alive. It's like someone who's been mortally wounded, who is being kept alive by machines, but is in constant pain with a miserable quality of life. Yes, you have kept this relationship on life support, but you aren't doing either of you any favors by doing that.

    When you break up with someone, that should be it; it should be OVER, and that means NO MORE CONTACT, period. No texts, no emails, no Facebook, NOTHING.

    I assume this is your first serious relationship. It's always hard to get over those, but it's something you need to do. It will help you grow up and mature in ways you don't understand yet.

    Don't keep kidding yourself. If it was meant to be, you wouldn't have broken up. Whatever reason made you break up is still there, and getting back with him wouldn't work in the long run, so quit being in denial, make a clean break, GRIEVE, and then start moving on. You think you've been doing that, but you haven't been.

    • Totally agree with the clean break/ no contact for a very long or natural amount of time to let feelings die.

      But I do think especially in this age group people mature a lot as they experience things. It's always possible to say hi in a year or two and see how the other has been. But all feelings of the relationship must be dead in order for this to happen.

    • I just read that in quagmires voice! Gigidi gigidi goo

  • My heart has been broken a couple months ago. I will tell you in my experience, when you truly care for someone, it is a part of you that really doesn't go away. You just have to deal with the pain. Keep moving and keep busy. It will get better with time and healing. I'll say a prayer for you and pray for a positive outcome of some sort. Be well.

  • I've been in your spot to a few months ago and the same we lasted 3 years and then she got a guy and at the same time told me she loves me still. For me how I got over it is just by talking to friends, working out, find a hobby or go out and do stuff. But I think he didn't want to talk about it because he does have a girlfriend but to me it seems like that girl is just a rebound. Try to hang out with him and then talk about it. See what the answer is then

    • ha thanks. yeah so far I've been keeping myself busy by going to the gym and stuff. I mean he told me he wanted his space so he can think about things. But honestly the more time he spends with his new girlfriend the more time they will get attached to each other. you know? I have tried talking to about it but he like won't. So whenever he does contact me again hopefully we do talk about it. I would just give anything to be with him again. I just have no idea, I just gotta keep my head up.

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    • yeah that's true. thanks!

    • No problem. Let me know what happens. Wish you luck :)

  • You answered your question for your self. Stop talking to him until you are alright with out him. You can't be with him again until you are alright with out him. "Out of sight out of mind". I know it sucks to think like that. But If he really is "the one" he'll come back, and if not at least you will be healing and living your life. Every time you talk to him with hopes of getting him back it's almost resetting the healing process for your heart :(. Every week that goes by with no contact it'll get easier and easier. Trust me I know.


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  • I have been here dude...

    Personally for me the best think I did was get my friend to change my Facebook.

    I warned my close friends what I was doing first and made sure they had my number. But I could no longer see what he was up to.

    That helped hugely.

    I spent a lot of time with friends, I was breaking down yes, but they were there to pick me up.

    It's horrible. And it feels like you'll never heal. It takes a lot of time... but at least you know what you felt was real and true and one day, you'll realize being honest with your feelings is the best thing you did even if it hurt like crap.

    Best of luck.

    • I added you as a friend incase you wanna talk more. I'm going through this atm, so it may help talking to someone in the same boat. You don't have to though, don't feel obliged hun.

  • Awww I know it's hard to move on but if you cut all contact with him then of course you will be able to move on faster. Why did you guys break up? Have you ever thought why he has a girlfriend but says he still loves you? I think that's unfair to do because if he did love you he would be with you. You need to move on because there are tons of guys out there that would do so much to be with someone like you. Stay positive and be strong! If he truly loves you and wants to be with you he will look for you.


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