He isn't over his ex!? What now.

We have been talking for 4 months. We started talking about 3 weeks after him and his ex broke up after a year relationship. Just now he told me that he doesn't want a full relationship because he still cares about his ex. She cheated on him many times and lied all the time so that's why they broke up and he doesn't wanna be with her but he still cares about her. What do I do? Keep talking to him and hanging out like we are and wait till he's ready to make it official? Give him a break and tell him to hit me up when he's moved on if he wants? Or just forget him all together? When we don't text a a day or two it kills me I really really like him a lot.


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  • Forget him. For a long time at least. This is probably too much baggage for you to handle and you won't want to deal with this. At your age, a one year relationship is a long time so he'll need quite some time to recover (and plus he needs to heal from being cheated on). He obviously still can't get over her so don't stick around. And "tell him to hit me up when he's moved on?" Well, that just reeks of rebound sex to me. Move on hun!

    • Not rebound sex..meaning we can start talking again and hangout when he's over her because he told me he really likes me a lot he just isn't ready. I've never liked a guy this much

    • I see what you mean. But just be careful because even if he thinks he's ready, he might not actually be.

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