Obsessed With This Girl That Has a Boyfriend.

i'm obsessed with this girl that I have a crush on, this obsession has now lasted for a year. She and I made eye contact before, but then things just turned dry I showed no interest, Because I was too nervous. Today I saw her with her boyfriend after a while, I had not seen him seen December of last year, I thought she had probably broke up. But I saw her with him in a car. The thing is I want her so bad, I have not talked to her but I think she's perfect and beautiful. Should I go ahead and introduce myself and ask her out. Or move on. but it feels like I can't move on, and I get extremely nervous around her, I can't go without a day thinking about her I am 20 years old and have never dated.

thank you for reading...


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What Girls Said 1

  • she already has a boyfriend. let her be happy with him. put yourself in her boyfriend's position. if a guy would ask your girfriend for a date, for sure you woudn't like it either..


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  • well, this depends whether they are in a serious relationship or not. if they are in a serious relationship, u should move on. i'm not saying that it's gonna be easy. u said that she's perfect. u know, what seems perfect at first sight might not be perfect in the long run. if they are not in a serious relationship, there's a chance u might win her.


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