To all girls out there

so I was really curious to know one thing.

when a girl breaks up with a guy, how long do you think it would take for them to come back if they feel regret, still have feelings, or realize they made a mistake...

i know most girls will say absence makes the heart grow fonder and a lot of other stuff...but lets talk realistically. no breakup line bs like sometime in the future or if its meant to be itll be.

not gonna get into details of the break up but there was no cheating or anything involved and she even said no guy has ever treated her as good as me.


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  • I think that she does really believe that you are a nice guy. It is most likely true that she is being honest that you probably are the only guy who has treated her the best. Even though you have, maybe she just does not feel the same way that you did with her. How long? I think she would come back pretty quick but sometimes it takes a while for someone to finally realize if he/she truly loves someone. It is different for everyone.

    • we went out for 6 months, been broken up for 5 weeks, no contact for 4 weeks

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  • I feel regret almost instantly. Everytime. Whether I wanted it whole-heartedly or not.

    She should come back within a month to at least talk about it.

    (If you're cool with her friends, you could see if she talks about you)

    Not a lot of girls are alright with confronting guys about it though ~

    If you want: Wait a few weeks, then just text her saying hi, or something.

    • its been 4 weeks nc already, she texted my friend last week asking if I was ok... I hope she comes around. I can't say I'm the best guy out there for her because I'm no fortune teller, but I never did her dirty and I always treated her good.

  • You never know. She might come back or might not. Don't do what I did. I hoped and waited and wasted 4 months hoping the guy would come back. Just move on for now. If its meant to be she will come back

    • thats what all girls say...if its meant to be she will come back.

      i feel like every girl is hoping for those relationships from the movies where they break up for years and then all of a sudden meet each other in a restaurant because of pure luck...ridiculous to me.

    • So the point is.. Unless she wants you back its not going to change anything. And the more you beg or try to get her back , it will only feed her ego and she will go away from you. The only thing that's best for you is to let it go. If she really does love you she will miss you and come back. You could talk to her once and ask her if she would like to get back. if she says no, you have done your part. let her know you won't try any more and are moving on.

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  • Great question! I'm not a girl but in the same boat as you in the past I have had girlfriend come back in 2 days and up to 6 months. Sometimes until they see you happy with some one else and they feel like they have truly lost you! So only time will tell but I don't suggest seeing others if you really love her!

    • i feel you, but I don't understand... if its meant to be, it would have never ended. do I have to really disappear for her to make her realize she wants to be with me? doesn't that just mean she took me for granted?

    • You gotta ask yourself if she's worth you swallowing your pride an taking her back. most of the time she will try at least one more guy during the break and when she realizes that she made a mistake and go back to you. then they usually act good and the guy out of pride and spite treats them's a never ending cycle...then she revert s back to bitch meets nice guy f***s him up etc etc so I guess try to see if she's happy ask her friends

    • if she's been with even one other guy then its over

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