What do you think about a girl who tells a guy she likes them?

I drunkenly told this guy who lives in my hometown, but goes to school two hours away that I liked him the other night. I told him- "Baby be mine and not ignored!"

him- "i'm pretty tired, but I'm guessing that's a lyric"

me- "no idiot, it's a command. sort of a lyric if you like michael jackson."

him- "not as well as I should. so what's the nature of the command?"

me-"ugh... I like you! do something about it!"

he called me 5 minutes later and said that he liked me too,more than a friend and he wanted to work something out, but not now when I'm drunk and he's tired, but in a few hours. and I told him I don't usually do this blah blah blah and he was like are you drunk and I told him I was very hammered, so he'd let me get back to my party I was at, and I told him to sleep well and I'd text him. and we talked the next day.

him- "so where'd last night come from"

me- "a bunch of liquid confidence, but I wasn't lying. I just never said anything before because I wasn't sure or anything"

him- "nice, I kinda figured there was a little of that good stuff involved"

me- "yeah. sorry I woke you up"

him- I do like you though. It's not often I get to know a girl that's not only stunning, but truly interesting." 3 minutes ago Report

Update: him- "but how do you feel? you know, without any of that strong stuff in you?"

me- ":) I feel the same way. I just feel like you're a pretty good guy who is real and quite a looker too."

him- "haha well thank you! we'll definitely need to get together next chance we get. I'll be heading back home after the summer ends. what about you?"

me- "thank you too! and I'll be down the same time too, so I think that's a good idea :) when's your last day?"

and he called me and talked to me about it. could it work? did he appreciate the (not planned at all) courage?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Wow. You both sure have some chemistry :D

    I don't see how it's not going to work out! :p


What Girls Said 1

  • My boyfriend, who I've been with for 3 years, literally had a note thrown at his face by me. That's how he found out. Less than a year later he finally got the to ask me out. If it has worked for me, I'm sure it can work for yo!


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