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To this day I am still baffled. My ex's little bro was always into me and I always turned him down. Fast forward 10 years and the little bro and I hook up and start hanging out EVERY DAY instead of a couple times a week. He is going to be deployed so we start talking about life and such. He told me he didn't want to make anything official till he got back and I understood. We did decide that we would get married soon after he returned and where we wanted to live, how many kids we wanted and all that. I was looking at a new place to move into and he told me to not choose anything till he got back so we could pick out a place together. Fast forward to the week he gets back. I had sent him everything he wanted, paid for all his stuff he needed before he left, and took us on a vacation (and his uncle who tagged along last minute while my boy ignored me, but I let it go since it was the week before he left). Anyway he sends me an email that he really doesn't like me, he never wanted to talk to me, and blocked me on Facebook which my main way of keeping track of him. He waited 9 months after he got back to email me to see if I could give him a reference for a job. Then he told me that all out plans were just talk and dreams. I just don't understand how you can throw away knowing someone half of your life and lead them on so badly if they were the only person there for you your entire life? I guess I just don't get how you treat someone like that?


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  • There is so many types of people in life some want to help and cheer you up others just want to see your tears falling , some might die for you and other will ignore you , Its just the life way to teach us that dreams come true only in disney films and movies but hey who want's some dreams when we can change the reality so forget every thing and move on , Start fresh and live your life I am sure the right guy is waiting just around the corner , All I can say is try to be safe next time and ALWAYS KEEP THE SMILE ,NOTHING DESERVE TO MAKE US SAD . :)


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