How to get my ex to trust me again?

So me and my ex where going out about 4 months and a half, we done everything together, we where so in love. He told me all the right things and done all the right things, he was one of them boys who was just all around perfect. However I got jealous, started to question about his ex, I even inboxed her. Which was a stupid thing to do, we broke up 3 times because of me and each time with the kindness of his heart he forgave me.

But this is the 4th and its the longest we've been broken up, bare in mind where still in our teens. But it hurts, known that everything that happened in the breakup was my fault. I try telling him ill change and to believe me and I'm sorry but he says he's heard it all before, I genuelly love this boy and I want him back so much so we can start agaain with that amazing relationship we once had.

How can I regian his trust?!


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  • You are in your teens..right ?

    It not very uncommon to make mistakes in this age group..

    I understand you how you're feeling right now... but It'll go away once you find another guy who is better than this one and It's not the end of the world..there are 3 billion guys on the planet...

    you apologized for your mistake right?

    Now it depends upon him whether to forgive you or not..

    You can't make someone to like you know..

    And Nothing is made to live forever.. even have to keep that in your mind

    So move on with your life.. and learn from this experience..

    And believe that "If you love someone ,let them go..if they'll come back it means they are part of your life,and if not it means they're not meant to be "

    Good luck

    and hope I helped ^_^


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