Im a control freak?!

Started re seeing my ex boyfriend - broke up about a month ago. So far I've been the one to make the effort to meet up etc..he's called me a control freak like 3 times now and I genuinely don't know why!

For example last week he spent the whole day with his best mate, and lunch time ish I asked if he wanted to go for a walk in the sun, he said yea got to 7pm (dark) and I texted him saying guess the walks off! And he replied with sorry James is still here ill come over in a to 10pm and he phones! I have to be up at 6am do I was like err bit pointless now..and he calls me a control freak?! Shall I just lay off the txting etc?


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  • Have you asked him why he thinks you're a control freak? If it's just him who says it and he cannot give you a good explanation, just let it be. He just needs some words to call you because he feels you're doing something wrong in his eyes.


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