I want to know why my ex boyfriend doesn't care about our break up

I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years recently. I want to know why he seems so fine about the break up. when I broke up with him, he didn't even try to call me knowing that I Haven't got credits to call him. he didn't even try to stop me. nothing. he let me go jst like that. I really love him. I gave him everything. I tried to be the best for him. our relationship was pretty serious. plans of having a baby, getting married etc. we were already actually in the process of trying to get me pregnant :( even after the pain that he's caused me in the past, I took him back into my life. he's hurt me physically and verbally. that's why I don't understand why he's so cool about the break up :((((


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  • He has someone else. or he was trying to break up with you but was sticking around for the easy nookie, and/or also didn't know how to break up with you, He may not have wanted to hurt you and found it easier to get you to break up with him. period. I've gotten girls to break up with me because I didn't want to hurt them. He's over it. don't want to sound harsh...but for me its true, if a breakup didn't hurt after a day, or couple days, I wasn't into the relationship. Say thanks for that chapter and move on. don't ever take him back again, he'll be in it for only the sex (trust me). Go buy a self esteem self help book or cd. Listen to it. Bring your strength inside yourself up. I swear by constant motivation and education. The most successful people I know (millionaires) constantly listen, read, and work on themselves. you are better than him. and you know it, now live it and move on! you can do it. Your are worth more than a POS like that.

    • Ure probably right. But I'm just so stubborn to see the truth. I don't know how to move on. I don't know if I can :( I'm so lost. I'm going crazy. it hurts so much. I miss him every minute. I messaged him just before :(

    • it's supposed to be hard, You are supposed to go crazy, it's supposed to hurt, You're supposed to miss him. If you didn't you wouldn't have a heart or you would know your heart wasn't into it. Well that's what's going on from him. He doesn't care. He's an Ahole. everyday it will get better & better. Yoursituation is peanuts compared to the crap I've gone though. You'll listen to breakup songs, You'll cry, you'll feel helpless & hopeless, Year mind will go crazy. It gets Better daily.

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  • He may have feelings about your break up and feel bad, but just does not want to show weakness. In our culture being a male and showing your feelings is considered a sign of weakness. I suggest that you ask one of his close friends about how he feels about the break up.

    • yea. but aren't you gonna try to stop your girlfriend at least? :(

  • He hurt you physically? You don't need that piece of sh*t around you! Be glad he's vanished!

    • Yea twice. and I don't know why I'm holding on to what he said that its not gonna happen ever again :(

    • Because we think irrationally when we are in relationships...

  • We guys are easy to forget and start fresh and Maybe he thought it would be a great chance to prosed in his life with someone else or perhaps he is just good at hiding his feelings . :)

    • that easy? we broke up 2 days ago :(

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    • u got a point too :(( by the way, I'm 21 and he is 6 years older than me and has a son. what should I do? should I jst move on too?

    • thats a great idea if you can handle it but if you can't you will suffer ,its all about you so hope you chose the best choice . :)

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