Did something really stupid drunk

So last night I got really drunk and me and my ex have been kinda trying to work stuff out. I can tell he still had feelings for me but was confused. Well I went to the beach with a guy friend yesterday and got so drunk and mad at my ex I sent him a picture of my friend kissing me on the cheek. Well were in the army too so my ex got so mad he called our sergeant (we work together) and now tomorrow we both have to sit down and have a discussion . I feel so stupid for doing what I did I think I just ruined all chances of getting back together with him... .my sergeant told me I could not contact him anymore but I really would just like to apologize to my ex ...help :/ this is so embarrassing I'm not drinking for a long time.


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  • Be apologetic with your ex and tell him you care about him, and that's why you lashed out by sending him a silly drunk picture, trying to make him jealous.

    See if he can understand that, and appreciate that you have deep feelkngs for him.

    That may not make him want to work things out with you any longer...but hey, honesty is the best policy when you've done somethikng like this!

    Tell the sergeant that you won't try to provoke your ex again! That's what the sergeant is worried about, most likely.

    • Well I really want to but I'm not suppose to text my ex my sergeant said ...this is messed up ugh. Yesterday before this happened when I was texting my ex he said we can't do this...but why not I don't get it

    • You can tell him this in themeeting you're going to have.

    • Really can't though because their not going to let me talk about personal stuff like that they just want me to stop contacting him

  • I don't understand why he would call your sergeant?

    • Idk that's what I don't get. I think it was because he was drunk and so mad I sent him that picture of me and the guy. I lied and told him it was a sergeant and I'm a e4 so I'm not allowed to date sergeants but I told him it was a joke after. And it's bullsh*t because I do not have to be forced to talk about my personal life to my higher ups.

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    • You'll be okay :)

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