Help! Ex girlfriend whtsapp status say she loves him

I've been with my boyfriend for four months, we have had a good relationship, he calls me every day and stay in contact we spend quality time together, he has even let me drive his cars.

a month ago a girls called me asking for him, he said she was his ex-girlfriend and we had a small fight because at first he didn't believed and thought I got the phone from elsewhere. That has been the only significant fight we've had.

But yesterday, we spent all evening together and his phone was ringing all along. He didn't want to answer but was checking his msgs very consistently. It was really weird because he never did this before. It bothered me but did not confront him.

Today I entered to my whatsapp and refreshed my contacts because of some new friends I have. And since I saved the number from the girl who phone me, it appeared in my contacts... and her status say "I love you (name of my boyfriend) together forever" and a picture of them both hugging.

I feel hurt and don't know what to do... what to tell him... how to handle this whole situation. Please help!


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  • I don't really know what happened. It isn't clear what the fight was about from the way you wrote your story. However, just communicate with your boyfriend. Just because his ex sent him a message does not mean anything. He isn't necessarily returning her love. For all you know, she could be trying to break you guys up. Just talk to your boyfriend calmly about this ex and the messages she sent.

    • the fight was because I told him about his ex-girlfriend calling me but he didn't believed it and thought I was making it all up. The whastapp was not a message, was her online status... the one you set so that can be visible for everybody

    • I've never heard of the whastapp thing. Could you explain that a little more? If he doesn't believe you, then don't get angry. Just do your best to try to prove your innocence to him,.

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