Platonic with ex. possible?

can you be platonic friend with your ex. whom you had a very long term relationship with?

is it ever possible? if you are the one who broke if off. say you two work in same place and have a lot of contacts and have to talk about work very often.


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  • That'd be impossible for me to do so as he'd remind me of the old times and memories we had and it would trigger the old feelings. I'd rather stay away as much as possible to never get hurt again.

    • i agree..thats why I am having such a hard time because I see him and have to talk to him all the time ... unless I change job which at the moment is like impposbile rrrgggg

    • I totally feel you. I used to live with my ex and later on we broke up for the first time but still had to live together as we both had to pay for the rent and bills. I was hurt so badly seeing him texting his ex in front of me and having around the house even though I tried my best to avoid him.

      I think it's best for you to keep minimum contact with him as much as you can so you can heal yourself a bit you know otherwise there's no air for you to breathe at all. :(

  • Im one of them yes. We were together for about 3 years, he broke it off to move back in with his mom. He called me and called me for the next two years but I never answered, his brother passed away last April so I finally answered his calls, he tried to get back with me but I laid down the rules, told him that lovers come and go but friends are forever and told him its up to him. Weve been only friends since then, so yes I think it can work, but only if you're not really attracted to him anymore, which oddly enough I'm not to my ex. If you're still attracted to him then it might not be possible, too much temptation there.

    • so you decided to keep him as friend. not try to see if it would work again.

      the yrs. apart helps..i had similar exp. as you.

      but this time is very different as we have to have constant contact. so...i don't know how that would ever work out.

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