I feel like my boyfriend is checking on me...

so a week ago this guy msgd me on fb and we added each other since I found out he is my friends cousin (rob)..meanwhile I was talking to him as a friend obviously did not want to be rude.. he asked me to call him and I never did later that day my boyfriend (nick) said we should take a break randomly and he does not know about rob since I never bothered to mention him. While me and nick were taking a break we completely stopped talking and rob and me exchanged texts back and forth and my girlfriend was the one replying to him. Anyhow, nick broke up with me after a week and did not give me any reason but kept saying I lied to him since the beginning of the relationship and the same day rob stopped talking to me as well. I feel like nick sent rob to check on me..i want to figure it out its driving me crazy..idk what to do and how to do it?!?


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  • So what did you tell; Rob that made Nick so mad? Weneed t know that, or yurnarrrative doesn't really add up!

    There's no way to tell if Rob was sent by Nick, or if theyjust happened to find out about each other..maybe through YOUR Facebook p[age! And it does't matter. Obviously you and Nick were not meant to be together

    • well my stupid friend flirted with rob..and I confronted nick and he kept denying and got really defensive

    • He's too immature to have a good relationship with, imao...

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