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This question is for girls and guys. well I like this guy a lot. he has been to my house once, we work together, I have called him 3 times before vacation, he hasn't called me once, since that time I tried calling him during break. the last time I called him was during vacation time. first time I called, during break, he told me he was taking a nap, I called the next day, earlier, he said he had gone to a funeral and had just gotten back from work and was tired that why he was taking a nap. he talked to me a little, I said I call you at bad times, he said, I will call you. but he hasn't. it has been about 2 weeks. he spoke to me at work I said hello and kept walking. Anyway, the reason I was trying to call him was to try and tell him that I like him and would like to be more than friends, I like him a lot, I wanted him to be my first. I was going to tell him this but should I keep this to myself. he never called back I see him talk to other females at work. He had told me back in January that he liked me but I smiled and didn't respond I thought he was playing with me. I don't think he is interested in me like he was at first- but he is playful with me at times. I have seen him flirt with one other co-worker. But to me unless they are exclusive then who cares. they aren't. I like him as my friend and I would like for him to be my first. I don't want to seem desperate but I like him a lot. My age range is between 38-40. So I do believe he is that special to me. Should I tell him him or what?


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  • It seems as if he's not interested. If a guy says he'll call and then doesn't, that's usually a fairly good indicator he's just not into you. Of course, there's the chance he's a shy guy and has problems talking to girls.

    Because he's possibly going to be your first, you might be putting a lot more importance into him than he deserves. From an objective point of view based on how you say he acts, I'd say he's moved on from January when he said he liked you.

    The reason I'm putting it all this way is to keep you from getting your hopes up. I'm not saying you shouldn't pursue things. I'm just saying be prepared.

    When a man takes a woman's virginity, he feels highly responsible for her entry into the sexual world. If he's heard that you are a virgin, he'd probably have some fear and trepidation when you flirt with him, especially if you tell him you like him. If you and he start a relationship, you should let him know fairly quickly that you're a virgin, if you haven't already.

    So, it's a mixed bag of advice this time. There's a lot to process. I don't generally recommend love affairs in the office. When I found out you were a virgin, though, I had to encourage you. I don't know him and can't say if he's still interested or not. I can say that if you don't let him know somehow, you'll probably regret it.

    Go for it and take a level headed approach to things. Take office politics into consideration. Is your workplace a gossip mill? If so, I'd find another guy outside of work. Doesn't matter how it turns out, this is juicy.

    • Why do you think I am going to regret it if I don't let him know? Why are you encouraging me? You gave me good advice. Just wondering about those statements.

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