Ex stalked me on Plenty Of Fish

Its been a month since break up and I created a Plenty of Fish profile just for friends and real estate networking. I did upload several pics too. When I went on there I searched for my ex and didn't find him, but I did see his friend on there. I didn't message his friend or anything. It was just curiousity, My ex always told me he thought his boy was attracted to me, but I would never go down that road. EVER. So, when you are on POF and view someones page it appears in their "Who viewed me" news feed. I didn't know you can block yourself from people seeing your pic pop up in this news feed so I presume he saw that I checked him out on there. Well...I am sitting at my sons baseball game and I get an inbox from someone on POF and it was my EX and it said..."DONT LET ME F&UCKING FIND OUT". I have no idea what he means by this. don't let him find out I am out there trying to meet new people or don't let him find out I checked out his friends site? There is no way he could have searched for me because my town is wrong in the search engine and my name doesn't come up either. I am presumng his friend told him I creatred a site or something? HE BROKE UP WITH ME! He didn't want a relationship why the hell does he even give a sh&t what I do,


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  • It seems that he still doesn't want to lose you as a potential someone.

    Or he just like stalking you.

    Either way, you should create a new profile.


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