Is it EVER a good time to be a rebound?

We know that rebound relationships suck because usually they're strictly sexual and you always feel like you're being used etc..however, is there ever a good time to be in a rebound relationship?

The girl I'm after, recently split from her ex and I would be her rebound granted I ever tell her how I feel (or her), so I'm just wondering if it might be a good thing or not?


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  • You've got it absolutely spot on. A rebound relationship will almost never work. Yes, you may feel used and she might be doing just the same, but more often than not, she's doing it unconsciously. The feelings she develops for you are true for a certain amount of time and she really does feel that way but it'll fade.

    The chances of it working are very small. I decided to bet on that small chance and go for it and it turned out to be a disaster. It'll be a great short term relationship but will never amount to anything long term.

    The only GOOD time for a rebound relationship is probably when you've had a dry spell and you don't mind getting into a casual relationship. DON'T fall for her because you'll only end up being heartbroken. I must warn you that the entire time, you'll be walking on eggshells and any small goof up will result in a small scale war from her side. A rebound relationship is very emotionally tasking. You might even risk losing your friendship.

    So honestly, NO, there is NEVER a good time for a rebound relationship. wait for her to move on and if her feelings are still the same, ask her out.

    Let your self esteem take over this decision. Why do you want to be someone's second choice?

    • I once got with rebounder after a 10 month dry spell and it definitely wasn't worth it. I was playing it by ear and seeing where it'd go but I ended up liking the girl because we had a lot in common and she showed a lot of interest.The worst part was it was obvious that she was on the rebound because her online dating profile said she just got out of a relationship and wanted to take it slow.I didn't know what rebounds were then and my friends would date shortly after other relationships ended.

    • Having been rebounded a 2nd time, this still hold ups true.

      You're spot on with walking on eggshells the entire time. I felt like I had to scrutinize everything I said and did or else it'd be all over. After I found out she was newly single, I decided to take it super slow and go at her pace, but her consistent hot and cold behavior was draining and an absolute mindfuck. I thought I'd just test it out to see where it'd go, and of course I developed feelings for her as we had a lot in common and even then it still ended up being a total fucking disaster.

  • Never unless you are able to keep your emotions out of it completely. Even then, sometimes you might try not to keep emotions involved but then you fall for the rebounder and then when it ends, you crash very hard.

    It was even tougher for me because I have had no relationship experience. I've had flings, one night stands, and fwbs but no one I'd call a girlfriend.

    The worst part was, the red flag of the girl being on the rebound was in my face though I had no idea what a rebound was at the time. This girl listed on her online dating profile that she'd just gotten out of a rough relationship and wanted to take it slow. She ended up not going slow at all. In fact, she ended up asking for my # before I was gonna get around to asking her, asked to talk every day because she loved hearing my voice, got really mad that our date got pushed off because of her parents. Even on the first date, she asked to go to my house and was scoping out my family photos. I legitimately thought she was the one because of this.The more we talked, the more we had in common.

    After this girl flaked on the third date she set up, I tried contacting her twice over the next week and got no response. She ended up talking to the ex she complained to me about. It hurt me majorly and I felt extremely stupid because I fell for a lot of stuff that she probably just told me that I want to hear. It's almost as if she left easily as she came.

    In the end, I am not going to be anyone's option or backup again. You either like me or you don't.


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