What to expect from a 19 year old going on to 20 years old guy expecting to be a father?

What to expect? If theyre having a child with a 22 year old woman .. Been together for 2/3 years ... He has cheated in the past a lot but now is fully committed but cheated on her again & she doesn't know .. & he feels bad & scared if she finds out?


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  • He'll probably continue to act like a boy and not a man. He may "expect" to be a father, but until now he's been nothing more than a sperm donor. True fathers are loyal and will make any sacrifice necessary to provide for their woman and child.

    I truly hope I'm wrong.


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  • I would expect that he's a jerk. And I feel bad for the kid.


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  • His best bet is to pray that she doesn't find out and hope to god that he learned from this. Hopefully he won't do this again. !


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