Knee Pain: What to do?

I know gag is probably not the right place to be asking this and if this continues I'll se a doctor for sure. I cycled to university today, walked around, sat down, walked more, came out and then I cycled back home. On some of the stretch I noticed a sudeen pain in my knee, I just ignored it and moved on, no choice I was in mid traffick.

Anyways I got home, and now my knee hurts really bad when I'm sitting down. I need to have my leg at least semi extended to not feel any pain.

If when sitting down I move my knee to a 90 degree angle or in towards me , it goes from hurts a little to OWWWW f*** OW.

I can walk around fine. But I can't squat. I've never had a problem with my knees, this is a first timer. I've never had a problem cycling to and from uni.

The cycle back is very steep uphill all the way and I do it in medium gear which means pushing hard when I'm starting from traffick lights, but it's never caused me a problem before.

I do spend a lot of time sitting down studying or at the computer I don't know if that would be related.

Anyone have anything similar happen to them in their life? If so what was it? How did you take care of it?

Any advice is appreciated, I've never had joint problems or pains so I don't know what to do with this one.


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  • Is the pain in the back or front of the knee? Does it feel like the pain is exactly in the joint? Can you describe what kind of pain it is, how does it feel exactly? Does pressure like walking make it hurt is it just the 90 degree position?

    • Centre of the knee inside it. It feels like sharp pain a bit like if you put a pointy object against your skin and press down too hard. The more I bend it past 90 degrees the nastier it gets. And my legs only bend slightly when I walk so no pain. I can't do a squat though

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    • Alright not sensitive to touch at all, so it's probably a pulled muscle like you said. Must have been when I was pushing hard uphill, haven't done it in a while might have overtaxed them.

      Thanks a lot man!

    • I'm always happy to help!

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  • ice it and rest

    • Did that without ice, since I wasn't sure what it was. The pain is somewhat lesser now :)

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  • Whenever I feel a pain of any kind, I immediately put myself on a morphine drip.

  • Could be knee arthistis Knee pain sucks I tore my ACL playing football not much is worse tahn that

    • I definitely hope not haha. Sorry to hear bout your ligament that really sucks, that's pretty much the worst you can get in the knee. I don't think what I have is severe though, just freaked me out cause I my knees so much.

    • Yeah get an MRI they never lie

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