Will he come back or is he still thinking about me?

We broke up over 6 weeks ago after 8 months together, and despite me trying to contact him a few times over this period the last being nearly 3 weeks ago, I still have heard nothing from him, the relationship was going through a bad period and I thought we could work it out, but it ended in a big row with him stating it's over...nothing since.

I just don't know how to move on, only days before he was declaring his love for me, and how he wanted to be with me. My head is still spinning and lately I am finding I can barely focus throughout the day. Everything reminds me of him, places that we went together memories.

I know I should let go, I am trying hence the reason why I have not contacted him for weeks, but that does not seem to be making me feel any better, I still have hope he will come back to me.

Help I don't know how to move on...I still love him despite everything he has put me through...silly I know and at my age I should have the common sense to cut my losses and find someone I deserve who will cherish me...


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  • There's nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic I too am in the same situation and it sucks I know she went to planning our wedding to shutting me off in a week she's even started dating again! After a year of being together she acts totally unphased...but now after 3 weeks of nc and seeing how little she cares I've decided to move on and forget her:) just let him go...it feels good to not have that constant pain!(; good luck!

    • Hello

      Well that had been my biggest worry that he no longer even thinks of me within weeks of us splitting up.That he just gave up on us and moved on. We have no chance of see each other as we each live in different countries. I just want closure, ending it like he did has left me broken hearted.

      I have not started dating again, though I have been out a few times with my mates, guys hit on me all the time I just laugh and walk away because I still love him.

    • Aw well maybe it his loss and for your own good:) Maybe one day they will realize that we actually loved them but it will be too late! well hopefully you keep getting the compliments and that confidence can keep rising:) good luck:) and if you ever just wanna chat you can message me and I'll listen and try to help:)

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  • Move on. If he's not making an effort to contact you, he's just not that into you.

  • Hi Lucy, I'm in a similar boat but different timing. Mine ended last week after only 2 months but it was going so well. Memories are everywhere and although we still text, I find that I'm trying to read her mind and give myself hope.

    Last year I also had a relationship end which ripped me to pieces, we were together for 4 years, then friends for 4 years, then one day she found someone else. The emotions though are all the same. Its about abandonment and worry about not finding someone to spend your life with.

    There's no way of knowing if he will or won't come back but (I wish I could take my own advice on this), you need to have some hope but then also start moving forwards. You need to know that its OK to go on with your life and if he comes back, he comes back, if not, you'll be OK :)

    • Thank you for your comment, I just wish I understood how he has the will power to not contact me at all. Don't understand, how a guy can say he loves you and in a moment of anger and frustration just end it.

      Yes, I know I have no control over what he will do about us, I don't even know if he still thinks about me. Consider your texting each other a blessing as it is better than what I have, you can tell her how you feel, my guy doesn't even acknowledge my existence. It is soul destroying

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  • I so feel for you cos I am going through a similar thing to you where my ex suddenly finished me and is now ignoring all my texts etc, its so horrible. Got strange question to ask you, what star sign is your ex? take care x

    • Scorpio..but to be honest he was a player never committed to anyone and his mother use to use the silent treatment as a punishment so I don't know if he will ever come back, I think I have cried enough over him, and I need to move on.

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