Does she want me back?!

We were together for two years, and everything was just amazing, until my behavior changed; I became too needy and jealous, controlling etc... that led to the break-up.

It's been three months now and after long silence and avoidance things are starting to change a bit..

Are these signs that she wants me back?

-She agreed to meet a week ago

-Then she suggested us to be friends

-She said we have so great history that it would be a shame to throw it away...

-Constantly in touch, sms and e-mail

-Usually responds immediately

-Makes jokes, uses "our phrases" occasionally

-She seems to be very curious

-Asking about my dating status!

-Acts very jealous and extremely nosy when I mentioned "nothing serious"

-Wants me to find a better girl eventhough "there aren't any muhahaha"... acts pissed!

-She has been dating a new guy for a few weeks now and flaunts how "great and hot he is"

-Yet spending days and evenings texting with me

-She said that she doesn't love me any more and doesn't have any feelings left...

I know she truly really liked and loved me and she didn't want things to end. That was her worst nightmare. She tried to avoid the break up but she finally made that decision... stated "space" and "I love you but just give me time to breath"

What should I do to get her back? Does SHE want me back?! I'm confused...


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  • I think she might still have feelings for you! She is trying to make you jealous with the comments about her new "hot" boyfriend but really if he was that great, would she be spending all her time texting you when she could be texting/calling him? She also agreed to see you, that's a good sign as well. If you want to get her back, you need to stand out. Do something different for once. A few text messages, phone calls, emails here and there, won't really make you any different than any other guy. Think outside the box. Good luck!

    • I agree... well now she started to call me! And she texts me every day and brings the good memories back "do you remember when we did this and that?" and "it used to be soooooooooooo fun" and "we really had so much great things together!" ...

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    • Heyy it would be just great! Thanks! I sent you a friend request here, so then I can write you a message. I feel I need more offer, this thing is getting very hmm.. interesting!

    • Yeah, no problem! I accepted, talk to you soon :)

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  • Maybe, test her. Pull away. Have no contact for awhile.Just don't call and don't answer her first three calls. When you answer the fourth, sound happy and surprised. Hey, it's good to hear from u, really wanna know how you've been but I'm really busy now. Can I call you later?Then don't call four two days.If she calls first or she waits til you call say: I'm sorry, I meant to call sooner.Tings have just been (laugh) busy. So what's up with you? Then mention that your glad your both happy with your lives.Find reason to get off the phone. Then, wait til she calls you back. Take a boxing class and tell her your taking it when she calls. She'll see you as manly and moving on.Then watch her come to u. But, don't lose the traits she fell in love wit. Don't fall back into being needy, the class will help with that. Good luck

    • Sounds good... I was thinking the same way... there are moments I find it very hard to resist the urge to reply or write sms..

  • She's definitely doing that for attention or just to see what she can make you say. She sounds like one of those girls that likes saying these things for attention.

  • Dont give her the time of day :

    1) you felt needy, people don't usually feel that way unless their partner is doing something that is making them doubt their feelings (eg. they flirt with people in your presence, you complain, they say they talk like that to everyone... BANG. You are needy.)

    2) She sounds like I used to be with my ex. I broke up with him, then I felt annoyed he wasn't talking to me so I said things to improve my confidence. I wanted him to react when I talked about other guys and told him things that werent true to feel better about myself. Then I GREW UP, and got engaged with a guy I truly love and learnt from that immaturity.

    3) Stop wasting your time and MOVE ON, you broke up for a reason. Find someone that will LOVE you and not date other guys.

  • She is most definitely interested again. She could be using this new guy to make you jealous or see your reaction. And she is flirting, very obvious things she is doing right now. BUT you can't give in so easy. Let her know you have a life and dating life at that. You can be vague so you don't end up pushing her away but right now she is dating...and has your attention when he isn't there. He probably isn't enough for her, but it's not fair she has her cake and eats it too if you catch my drift. Make her work to be back in your life and if things see fit she just might make it there with time. But yes she is definetely interested again, the signs are all there.

  • If you played it right may be she would come back. just ignore for now and move on

    • I agree... do you mean that I should ignore text messages or any other contact she initiates?

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    • Yeah, got it! Today I received another email, asking again about my work blaablaa... AND of course.. "heyy tell me, what's up with girls?" I won't respond anything..

    • Yes! just keep ignoring

  • I think she might & could be saying things like that to make you jealous


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