I'm worried about my boyfriend's female roommate?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for a year and really love each other, care about each other, have god sex, are really attracted to each other, e.g, it's all good.

Recently his roommate moved out, he told me a while ago that the roommate was going to, and even suggested that I could move in, etc, but I like the relationship the way it is and don't feel ready to see each other 24/7 as I think it can ruin the magic, I've seen it happen with friends, not from personal experience, as this is my longest relationship. I haven't wanted to be in a relationship before him because I have issues with trust, I felt that I didn't trust men, have been flirted with by friends boyfriends, things that make me feel like you can't trust men. It took me a while for me to realize how much my guy loves me, and he is really honest, he told me when his roommates drunken female friend came into his room and was trying to get it on with him, he told me that his last roommate, a girl, hit on him a few times and propositioned him. I trusted him even though the situation made me uncomfortable, and now that she's moved out I'm relieved, but his new soon to be roommate is a girl. I have no idea if she's attractive, but if she is, I honestly won't know how to feel. I'm not worried about her trying to steal him or something unless she's mega smart and manipulative, I'm judt worried she'll be way hotter than the norm and he'll see her come out of the shower, etc, and won't be able to help feeling like he wants to sleep with her.

Should I feel worried?

Has anyone had a bad situation where your boyfriend cheated on you with a roommate? Or even a good one, where you were worried but nothing happened?
This question is long.. So maybe just read the question at the end! lol
YAAy, he got a male roommate:)


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  • I have a friend who did like he was really commited as well but he couldn't resist the fact that he was sleeping in a room across from the oppsosite sex, so they did end up having sex a few times even when they got bored but he didn't tell his girlfirend.

    • can't have been that commited! I wouldn't do it and I'm commited.. but I guess boys are different. That's awful:(

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    • Well it says on your profile you have a girlfriend, so.. I feel sorry for her. No offense. At least you're honest though.

    • I am honest to some extent lol I just omit the truth. :-)

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  • Two attractive people living in the same house can lead to attraction and sexual tension


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  • If you trust him, you trust him.. If you don't, you don't

    • well, I don't trust anyone, he is deserving of my trust but I find it hard to trust in general and always have.

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