What do I do? Should I get over him

This guy I like used to like me back he admitted it but he told me this while he had a girlfriend. They broke up for a couple weeks and in between he said he still liked me. Not even a week later him and his girlfriend are back together. She is an absolute b*tch and they fight all the time. She doesn't deserve him, neither do I honestly but I could treat him better. He still gets jealous when I talk to guys and he unintentionally flirts with me without meaning to. It's weird! What do I do? Should I try to get over him? I have tried so hard to do that but he is as close to perfect as I could imagine, he understands me like no one else and he does care. We are close but I wish we were closer. It'd save my feelingd if I let him go but I really... I don't want to


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  • You should really get over him.

    It's impossible that you'll get with him at this current situation.

    It's clear that he's very much into his girlfriend.

    • He said he still likes me even now but because of long distance between us and he likes the feel of being in a relationship but he doesn't want to hurt me... that's what confuses me

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